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MAPLE HEIGHTS, Ohio–Maple Heights police have released new surveillance photos of a man who killed a clerk during a gas station robbery.

Police returned to the Prime Station gas station on Granger Road Tuesday afternoon as officers searched for the suspect.

Just before 11:00 p.m., Monday, a gunman, captured on surveillance video, stormed into the convenience store and shot the clerk in the head at close range.

“He was right here. That guy was texting somebody on the phone and ‘bam,’ he was shot. If he said gimme money and he fight back, I understand that he was trying to fight back, but he just shot him, lay on the floor, jump over here, grabbed the money…run,” said store manager, Tuhin Islam.

Police said a customer saw the clerk, 41-year-old Babul Kumer Saha, passed out behind the counter.  The customer called police and when they arrived, they discovered Saha had been shot. He was taken to MetroHealth Medical Center where he died.

“He’s a kind-hearted guy. You come in, maybe you’re a few cents short, whatever it is. He loved little kids. I’d bring my daughter in; he’d give her candy, so this incident is really senseless,” said customer, Niesha Brown.

“He seemed like a good-working guy. I think they targeted him out because he was very…tried to be nice to everybody and stuff like that. It’s sad to know that he was killed,” said customer, Andrew Saridakis.

Friends and co-workers said Babul moved to the United States from Bangladesh less than two years ago. They said he leaves behind a wife and two children– four years old and six months old.

“Every time he would come home, they would run to grab him. He was extremely friendly, honest; it just hurt me to know that, a person like him, it could happen to him like that,” said family friend Nasima Akhter.

The gas station manager said Babul wanted to work seven days a week to help his wife through nursing school. Once she got her degree, he planned to stop working and go to school too.

“I think it could happen to me any second, and if that guy need money take money, why you gotta take a life? Why you gotta take a life for just $50?” said Islam.

Anyone with information is asked to call Maple Heights police.