[In the player above, watch related video of a dog being rescued after a tree collapsed on its dog house, courtesy of Sacramento Fire Department via Storyful.]

GREEN, Ohio (WJW) — A tree is probably the last place you’d expect a squirrel to get stuck — but Cricket isn’t just any squirrel.

The critter is domesticated, but got loose from its owners on Tuesday evening and needed to be rescued from a tree at 60 feet, according to a Facebook post from Green Fire Department.

“It may sound normal that a squirrel would be in a tree, but Cricket was on a leash and it became wrapped around a branch to the point where he became entangled and could not move,” it reads. “While this is not part of our normal response, it was a unique situation.”

Assistant Fire Chief Virgil Schlabach told FOX 8 News most animal rescues end with the creature coming down on their own, but Cricket needed an extra hand.

The squirrel was returned to its owners on-scene, he said.