SANDUSKY, Ohio (WJW) — Cedar Point workers are busy readying the park for the 2023 season’s opening on May 6.

Take a look behind the scenes of the HalloWeekends teardown and construction of the park’s 18th rollercoaster, Wild Mouse, in its newest themed area, The Boardwalk:

“There are a LOT of leaves to clean up,” said spokesperson Tony Clark in a Tuesday blog post. “Our top-notch landscaping team will be raking, gathering and removing giant leaf piles from all over the park. Who wants to jump in?!”

On The Boardwalk, the park’s re-envisioning of the classic Cedar Point of yesteryear, the first pieces of the new Wild Mouse rollercoaster are coming together.

The 52-foot tall roller coaster is a callback to the park’s classic coaster. But the new ride’s car is expected to spin 360 degrees as it cruises the ride’s 1,312-foot bright-orange track so that no two rides are the same, according to a September news release from the park.