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SANDUSKY, Ohio- A woman who said her cell phone and other valuables were stolen at Cedar Point is using social media to try to track down the thieves.

Her Facebook post, containing selfies taken on the missing phone, has gone viral.

Kelly Jones, of Bentleyville, Pennsylvania, said she was at the park with relatives Friday when she accidentally left a bag on a bench containing two iPhones, a camera, a wallet with credit cards and ID, as well as park tickets. By the time Jones realized her bag was missing a half hour later, it had disappeared, she said. She filed a report with Cedar Point police, who found the bag without the valuables.

“I just felt really violated,” Jones told Fox 8’s Matt Wright. “I was really upset, crying. It really put a damper on the weekend.”

Then, after returning home, Jones said she was browsing pictures on her iPad when photos of strangers appeared through her Apple Cloud, which connects to the missing phone.

Jones posted the selfies on her Facebook page Wednesday night in hopes of getting her belongings back, she said. It had been shared more than 50,000 times by Thursday evening.

“I think that they deserve to be prosecuted,” Jones said of whoever took her phone. “I know probably not a lot would happen, but I think they need to be taught a lesson that you should not do this.”


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