SOLOMONS, Md. (WJW) — Out looking for fossils on Christmas Day with her family, one Maryland girl discovered something utterly jaw dropping.

Molly Sampson, a 9-year-old who has her sights set on being a paleontogist, found a prehistoric megalodon tooth on the chilly shores of Chesapeake Bay.

The object is so large it can fit in both of her hands, as seen in the photos below:

The long extinct shark species, which has seen a pop culture resurgence with films like “The Meg,” has a name that translates to “big tooth.”

And Sampson recently took her discovery into the Calvert Marine Museum to share with researchers there, and, after a viral social media post, with people all over the planet.

Living near a popular area to go fossil hunting, Sampson and her sister Natalie continue to share their findings hoping to get other children excited about fossils. Learn more right here.