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CHAGRIN FALLS, OH – A high-tech smoke detector is being credited with saving the lives of a pregnant woman and her husband after their house caught fire Tuesday morning.

Kyle and Erika Scotese had regular and photoelectric smoke detectors in their Chagrin Boulevard home. When the fire, started by ashes from a grill that were smoldering in a garbage can on the porch, broke out, the regular fire detectors didn’t go off. The photoelectric ones did though. The alarms woke the couple, who managed to escape through a basement door.

Chagrin Falls Fire Chief Frank Zugan tells Fox 8 that he is absolutely sure the photoelectric devices saved the couple. He adds that in January of 2011, Chagrin Falls passed a recommendation that all homeowners install those kind of smoke detectors in their homes, because they are so much more sensitive than the standard detectors.

The home sustained $150,000 worth of damage. A car in the garage was destroyed, adding another $25,000 into the damage costs.