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INDEPENDENCE, Ohio — People from all over the world are gathering in Independence for the 24th annual Pezamania convention.

It’s the largest gathering of Pez collectors on the planet.

“I got like a lot of Pez, like 20 Pez, and a Pez truck right here,” said Cole Hahn, a child collector.

You don’t have  to be a kid to love Pez, just ask the hundreds of collectors and dealers who will be in Independence this weekend for the annual Pezamania convention at the Holiday Inn.

Jim Blaine and his son drove in from Michigan with their Pez collection and they are looking forward to the convention.

“I got into it about 14 years ago.  I picked them up at a gas station thought they were cool and I started collecting them ever since,” said Jim Blaine, a collector.

Organizers say people from all over the world will be in Independence for the Pez convention because they are Pezamaniacs.

“They are realizing there’s other crazy people out there that collect these things and cherish them and love them and covet them and it gives the world an opportunity to come out and meet crazy people and talk Pez, trade Pez, buy and sell Pez, eat Pez,” said Linda Gliah, host of Pezamania.

The Pez convention does not officially open to the public until Saturday, but if you are interested buying a Pez dispenser or the candy, all you have to do is come down to the hotel and you can negotiate with a dealer one on one.

“Many people open the doors to their rooms display their Pez that are for sale or trade and just roan from room to room and shop,” said Gliah.

Marian Gomoll has been collecting Pez for 22 years and her collection is worth more than $30,000 dollars.  She’s owns some vintage dispensers that she’s very fond of.

“This is a purple cow, very rare from the 1970’s, and it’s valued at $1,400 dollars. I have a pink pony also from the 1970’s that’s probably valued at eleven, twelve-hundred,” said Marian Gomoll, a collector.

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