Animals Want You to be their Valentines


As Valentine’s Day approaches, Ashburn’s Animals is holding a fundraiser that lets you choose an animal to be your valentine.

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JACKSON TOWNSHIP, PA (WNEP) — Dusty and Ellie are a true love story at Ashburn’s Animals, an animal rescue near Selinsgrove. Some donkeys were rescued from different parts of the state but have been inseparable since they came here two years ago.

“They’d never known each other prior to coming here. Once they got together, it’s as if they fell in love,” Janel Ashburn said.

As Valentine’s Day approaches, Dusty and Ellie are each other’s valentines, but there are nearly 200 other critters at Ashburn’s Animals still looking for their special someone. The nonprofit is holding a fundraiser that lets you choose an animal to be your valentine.

It’s simple. Pick any animal and send them a valentine, along with a donation of your choice. In return, you will get a valentine from your special animal with their picture and autograph.

“If they really like a certain animal and say they want a hoof print or something, they would get a little hoof print in the mail from that animal,” Caleb Ashburn said.

“It’s always amazing to see the cards come in. Some are written by little kids, some adults. In the past, we’ve had some come in as far away as Washington State and Montana,” Janel Ashburn said.

Ashburn’s Animals takes in all kinds of animals except for dogs and cats.

Every animal here needs a valentine, including fluffy, who is a Savannah Monitor Lizard and is blind.

The nonprofit relies on people for donations, and all the money from fundraisers goes to the animals.

“People don’t realize how much we spend with food and vet care and bedding costs. It does cost a lot, especially through the winter,” Tana Miller said.

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