MEDINA, Ohio (WJW) – First aid classes are common for humans but now people can learn life saving measures for their four-legged companions too.

“There’s about a dozen topics we cover,” said Marty Warchola, a certified American Red Cross K-9 First Aid Instructor and owner of Best Paws Forward Dog Training Academy in Medina, Ohio.

At his school located at 7444 Ryan Road, Medina Marty teaches several classes and commands including but not limited to basic training, tracking, agility, therapy, cadaver detection, search and rescue.

But before any student learns those advanced skills their owner must first learn K-9 First Aid.

I’ve always thought it was really important,” said Warchola.

He teaches owners lifesaving skills like how to perform CPR, check vitals, treat a wound, stock a first aid kit and how to respond to choking.

Kyle Macklin, Incident Commander with North Central Ohio K-9 Search and Rescue took the course with his working dog Maddie, and says it helped him save her life.

“Makes you really appreciate people like Marty,” he said, “Because without that I don’t know that we would’ve been confident or known to check for what we did.”

In this report Marty gives us a crash course in K-9 First Aid and quick tips he says every owner should know.

There’s also an upcoming public class scheduled for Monday, January 22nd at the Parma-Powers Branch at 6996 Powers Blvd, Parma, Ohio.

For information call (440)885-5362 or reach Marty on his website here.