HUDSON, Ohio (WJW) — A pet was reportedly attacked by a coyote early Wednesday in Hudson.

The city is now reminding residents it is coyote mating season and that more of the animals, which are common in Ohio, have been spotted in the area.

The city did not report the extent of the injuries to the pet attacked by a coyote, but said the incident occurred on Ravenna Street.

Pet owners are asked to not leave animals unattended at this time. Coyotes, like other wildlife, are often attracted to human’s yards in search of food and water. Removing pet food and garbage from your property can help to deter the nocturnal animals.

Coyotes, which prefer not to interact with humans, can be scared off by loud clapping or shouting.

Call the Division of Wildlife at 1-800-WILDLIFE (945-3543) if you’re having a wildlife problem.