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(WJW) – Peak season for wildflowers in Ohio is still upon us and there are even new species blossoming for the first time this year, according to the Ohio Department of Natural Resources.

The ODNR says cooler temperatures and on-and-off rain showers are to thank for keeping things fresh this year.

According to the Ohio Wildflower Bloom Report, “No matter where you visit in the Buckeye state, you’re sure to find a cascade of wildflowers. Dozens and dozens of different wildflowers are blooming across Ohio now. New species continue to show their blooms for the first time this year.”

Included in the list of “notable newbies” posted to social media by the ODNR are:

  • Bear-corn
  • Mayapple
  • Golden Alexanders
  • Miami mist
  • Violet wood sorrel
  • Spring cress
  • White baneberry

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