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CLEVELAND- As the Cleveland Cavaliers are getting ready to take on the Indiana Pacers in Game 5 of the playoffs, a Lakewood business owner and father is paying it forward and giving away the tickets to a private suite for the game.

Tim Bratz, owner of CLE Turnkey Real Estate, bought the suite for all of round one of the playoffs and took his friends, family and coworkers to the first two games.

“It just came up that maybe we should give it away so we thought it would be a cool idea and cool experience for someone who wouldn’t traditionally have that opportunity,” Bratz said.

Bratz decided to get the word out using social media. The suite can hold about 20 people and comes with food for the whole game.

“I posted it on Facebook I said if you know anybody who is like a great human being please send me a message about them I thought I might get a few messages so I said limit it to three, four or five sentences and we’ve had over 70 messages,” Bratz said.

The messages keep piling up by the minute. Just while FOX8 was with Bratz to interview him he got another nine messages.

“What I found is that there’s so many people that are doing awesome amazing things and making positive impacts in the community that it’s really difficult to pick one person,” he said.

Bratz says instead of picking just one person to go to the game and invite their friends and family, he’s going to pick three or four people who have impacted their community and let them bring a few friends.

“They can kind of just get away and escape and have an awesome experience that’s something they are going to think about and remember for the rest of their life,” he said.

Bratz says he’s happy to give some deserving people an unforgettable experience, but hopes his gesture inspires others.

“I have blessings in my life where I am able to pay this forward and I hope the message is that other people pay it forward too,” he said.

If you would like to nominate a deserving person send Tim Bratz a message on Facebook explaining in a few sentences what they do for others.