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SANDUSKY, Ohio (WJW) – If you and your family are fans of the rides at Cedar Point, buckle up for an increase in ticket prices in 2022. 

Cedar Fair, the parent company of Cedar Point, and Sandusky city officials have reached agreement on a public-private partnership that could generate $100 million in investment funds over the next 20 years.

The joint agreement calls for an increase in the Cedar Point admissions tax from 4% to 8% and creation of an 8% parking tax at the park.

“That’ll be less than $2 of additional cost to a ticket for Cedar Point, but the impact that revenue will have on the Sandusky community is exponentially greater than that,” said Sandusky City Manager Eric Wobser.

The money generated by the deal would help fund police and fire service for Sandusky, construction of a new recreation center and programs at Sandusky’s State Theater.

It would also pay for improvements to the city’s waterfront district, creation of a water taxi service to Cedar Point and expansion of the Sandusky Bay Pathway for bicyclists and pedestrians.

“Really change the positive experience that people have, not only when they visit the park, but visit the entire Sandusky-Lake Erie Shores and Islands community,” said Wobser.

The new financial agreement also includes major improvements in the Cedar Point Causeway leading to the park. The project would include a new lane for traffic on the Causeway and extension of the Bay Pathway that would give visitors access to Cedar Point by bicycle or on foot.

Cedar Point issued a statement that reads: 

“Sandusky has been Cedar Point’s home for 150 years, and we will continue to make significant investments in the region. Over the past decade, our parent company Cedar Fair has invested more than $370 million in Cedar Point to enhance its long-standing reputation as America’s premier amusement park. Going forward, we intend to continue investing in our park, our workforce and our infrastructure to ensure that Cedar Point remains a multi-day destination that delivers the fun, immersive experiences our guests have come to expect. We believe this long-term partnership with the City of Sandusky will solidify our shared interest in enhancing community resources and attracting even more visitors from around the country to our tourism-driven region.”