CLEVELAND (WJW) – The FOX 8 I-Team has found travelers had passports and big money stolen at Cleveland Hopkins International Airport.

Police video obtained by the FOX 8 I-Team video shows how officers got back the passports and money, and now the victims are getting justice.

It happened last month as Keegan Jones went to Hopkins to fly with a buddy to a bachelor party.

But in the terminal, Jones put down a case holding a video game system, passports and hundreds of dollars. A thief swiped it.

Jones told the I-Team, “So, we got off the plane. We were just kind of stunned. Didn’t really know what to think. They were gonna take off.”

He added, “I couldn’t think, it was hard to take in everything. I didn’t know where to start.”
Police video shows an officer taking information for a theft report, asking, “You had passports in there, too? How many passports?” Jones answered, “Two passports.”

But he never expected what happened next – just when it looked as though the thief had gotten away.

Cleveland police officers investigated immediately.

Cleveland police at Cleveland Hopkins International Airport FOX 8 photo

They reviewed video from security cameras, and they saw a man taking the case with all the valuables.

Looking back at airport security cameras, police also saw the suspect left through a door downstairs in baggage claim. They saw him get into a car with a ride-sharing service. So, police did a search on the license plate, called the driver, and found out where he had taken the man with the bag.

He’d gone to the bus station downtown. Cleveland police video shows officers found the suspected thief at the bus station.

And they didn’t just find the wanted man.

Cleveland police officers track down suspect at bus station, FOX 8 photo

The video shows officers putting the suspect in handcuffs.

And counting money.

Police found the suspect still had the stolen money, $800, plus the passports and more.

Keegan Jones said, “I just think everything had to line up very perfectly for things to happen like that. And, they did.”

Another police video clip shows officers giving Jones everything they had recovered.

Cleveland police return stolen money to victim, FOX 8 photo

Even the officers involved couldn’t believe they’d solved the case quite this way and so quickly.
Jones added, “The police at the airport were amazing. How quick they were to find the guy…was astonishing.”

Now, Ishmael Wahid has been indicted by Cuyahoga County prosecutors. He faces a felony theft charge and a misdemeanor theft charge. He goes to court later this month to start defending himself.

Ishmael Wahid put in handcuffs in police car, FOX 8 photo

Keegan Jones is incredibly grateful to the police.

He said, ” You know, I can’t thank them enough.”

And, his advice to you when traveling – is to protect everything and be very cautious.