PARMA, Ohio (WJW) — A group of residents are threatening to file a lawsuit to prevent the demolition of Parma Senior High School.

“It affects families around the school. It’s a cost to the taxpayers who they are asking to build a new one. Taxpayers turned down that request already. So for them to arbitrarily tear down a very valuable building that still has a lot of historic and real value,” said attorney Joe Diemert.

Diemert represents Michael Peters, along with a handful of unnamed residents who all live around the high school.

“The relocation of students away from Parma High School is going to decrease the property value of those currently enjoying the benefits of Parma High School,” said Diemert.

In a demand letter sent to the district, the residents contend that Parma Senior High School is better equipped than the other two high schools, Normandy and Valley Forge.

“The cases we cited are showing the taxpayers in the school district have the common law authority to bring legal action to try and stop a cold school board from doing something that is not in the taxpayers’ best interest,” said Diemert.

Parma City Schools Superintendent Charlie Smialek said the district got the letter Wednesday and he plans to meet with attorneys Monday.

“We’ve gathered a lot of documentation that shows, indeed, Parma Senior High is not, as the letter alleges, the best shape of the schools. The cost of renovating Parma Senior High was higher than the other two,” said Smialek.

Smialek said the demolition would save the district more than $3 million per year.

It is slated to begin next month.

“Asbestos removal starts July 15. That is a clear date that we have. The actual demolition depends on how in-depth that other process becomes,” said Smialek.

Back in May, residents voted down the district’s consolidation levy. The four-mill bond issue was tied to the construction of a $250 million centralized high school at the corner of 54th Street and Longwood Avenue.

The district has one week to respond. If not, Diemert said they will file the lawsuit and seek a temporary injunction to stop any demolition until this is all resolved.