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A local detective shot in the line of duty has just returned to work, and he sat down exclusively with the FOX 8 I-Team.

Parma Heights detective Luke Berry has come back to work, handling light duty as he is still recovering from his injuries.

Berry said, “I mean, by the grace of God I’m still here — the injury wasn’t worse.”

In June, Berry stopped to help a Parma officer with a traffic stop. Police say the driver shot Berry. Then Berry and the other officer shot and killed the driver.

Berry showed how the bullet went through his kneecap and out the back of his leg.
He said, “It was like a hot fire poker punched through my leg.”

He added, he has been overwhelmed by all of the support he’s received even from total strangers. Berry reflected on that point saying, “Everything seems to be going right, and you just attribute that to, you have all these people praying for you.”

Parma Heights Police Chief Steve Scharschmidt said the entire department had enjoyed support. He said, “It makes guys feel they’re going out there doing this job, and people care. People care about us.”

The chief added, “Feels great to have him back. It’s like a boost of energy here.”

The shooting happened as Berry’s wife was pregnant. He’s grateful he’s still around to raise his young son.

Berry looks ahead to finishing physical therapy and getting back to regular duty. He said, “A lot of days when I drive into work, I just pray that God uses me and puts me in the right place at the right time.”

Meantime, the Ohio Bureau of Criminal Investigation is reviewing the police shooting and waiting for final reports. BCI will, ultimately, take the case to a grand jury to decide if the shooting was justified. That is standard practice in cases like this.

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