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PARMA, Ohio (WJW) — The Parma Fire Department is putting out a warning: Close your bedroom doors before you fall asleep.

“We try to emphasize the importance of closing your bedroom doors when you go to sleep, the department said in a Facebook post.

The department said any door is better than no door, even if it’s not solid wood.

“Even a less expensive six-panel hollow core doors will buy you time in a fire,” the department said.

The fire department said doors inside a home can help stop the spread of fire, heat and smoke.

“If there’s enough oxygen and fuel that fire can spread very quickly throughout a home. Close your bedroom doors before you sleep. What it can do is create a barrier between your room and the fire heading toward your room,” Sacramento Fire Captain Parker Wilbourn told CBS News.

“Now look in the hallway,” Parma Fire said. “Look where the most damage is… Up high.”

The fire department emphasized the importance of getting down and getting low if there is smoke or fire inside your home.

The Parma Fire Department says it’s important to practice a home escape plan and, “Close (your door) Before You Doze!”