PARMA, Ohio (WJW) – Parma is now one step closer to becoming the next city to cull white-tailed deer. This comes after the city sought public input about the controversial method.

“Residents file complaints about deer in their yards, deer in the streets,” said safety director Bob Coury.

Coury said the decision to move forward with the program was made after the city conducted a three-week survey.

“What it showed is that 64% of residents believe we need to decrease the population and stabilize the population,” said Coury.

Residents report weekly, if not daily occurrences.

“Unfortunately it may have to be done. However, I’d like to see other things be done,” said resident Charlene Kovacs.

According to Police Chief Joe Bobak, the program is needed because there are over 1,000 deer
living in the city.

“Obviously safety is the most important part of this. There are only four officers we are going to use. They are actually sharp shooters from the SWAT team,” said Bobak.

Bobak said they consulted with neighboring Parma Heights who has had success with its deer culling program over the last six months.

“We are trying to find large parcels of land where there are no houses. We are looking at three, maybe four locations within the city. We haven’t nailed those down yet,” said Bobak.

The deer culling program isn’t a done deal just yet. The chief has a couple weeks to decide on the locations. Then, he will have to present the plan to city council, who will then have to pass an ordinance.

If all goes according to plan, Coury and Bobak hope to have the deer culling process begin in late November, early December.

“We will have spotters who will search the area and make sure no one is walking around in the general area. If there is someone close by, we will shut the whole program down for the entire night,” said Bobak.