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STRONGSVILLE, OH – “It’s a loss for the community and it’s a sad day for Strongsville.”

The words of Strongsville City Schools parent Scott Blakely on the stabbing of teacher Melinda Pleskovic.

Strongsville Middle School and the community trying to understand the terrible news. Pleskovic, a beloved and long-time teacher was killed in her home Monday night.

“I was I was shocked and sad, sad for the kids of Strongsville, all the teachers and just the whole community it was just a tough thing,” Blakely said.

Pleskovic taught 6th grade at Strongsville Middle School and had been there for 27 years. Blakely says she taught all three of his kids.

“She would always build in that confidence that a teacher needs to build and to students that they can achieve anything they want to and there needs to be more of that,” Blakely said.

The school was still open Tuesday and grief counselors were available, but many parents came to pick their kids up early.

“It’s hard, it’s hard for these kids, so I’m a little worried about him, I just want to be with him right now,” said Mary Canonico, a parent of an 8th grader at the school.

Canonico says her son texted her telling her that he and everyone at the school was sad.

Julie Lawson is a parent and a therapy dog owner. She brought her dog Kali in to the school to give the kids some comfort.

“We think of them as kids but they are handling very adult issues and they’re just loving on her, the kids are cuddling with her, petting her, some of them are crying on her some of them laugh when they see her,” Lawson said of the dog.

Those who knew Pleskovic and her impact in the classroom say no one will ever be able to replace her.

“Wow, what a legend, right? To have done so much for the community, so much for these kids and what’s interesting all three of my kids spoke the same that they really loved her and that speaks volumes,” said Blakely.

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