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A devastating diagnosis has proven to a Philadelphia couple that “each day must be lived to the fullest.”

Jenna Haley was just 13 weeks pregnant when doctors told her that her son had anencephaly, which is a terminal brain defect. The life expectancy of babies with the condition ranges from hours to days.

So Jenna and her husband, Dan, decided to put together a bucket list, taking Shane on lots of adventures and to some of their favorite childhood places while he’s still growing inside his mother.

The adventures and photos are all posted on a Facebook page the couple has created: Prayers for Shane. It has more than 230,000 followers.

On Sunday, they took Shane to an orchard and picked out a pumpkin for him. Last week, the couples’ friends threw them a “shower of love” party to support them. They’ve gone to the beach, to museums and to the Empire State Building.

“We are asking for your prayers and support and that God grants us as much time as possible with our beautiful son,” they write on the Facebook page. “Shane has already proven to us that each day must be lived to the fullest and that is exactly what our little family is doing.”

Shane is due on Oct. 12.

See some of the adventures they’ve already taken in the photo gallery above.