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CALIFORNIA — Sometimes the greatest adventures are right in front of you and you don’t even realize.

Such was the case in a California home where a mom and dad kept a secret from their son for two years.

The boy was a toddler when they moved in, so they used a dresser to block a dim, unfinished crawl space connected to his room.

It wasn’t long before they realized the potential the space had, and decided they would turn it into a play area for a future birthday present.

By the time their son turned 4 years old, the tiny room had been transformed.

A new floor, bright walls, a map and coloring supplies were in place.

The boy was given clues on his birthday that led him to the secret room.

He needed help to move the dresser that blocked it for so long.

Once inside, he lit up and deemed the gift his “Secret Treasure Room,” vowing to show it to everyone he could.

His mom, Sarah Goer, shared the details of the special surprise on her blog earlier this month.

She since told Fox 8 News her son loves to read to himself and his little sister in the Secret Treasure Room and glow stars, a birthday gift from a friend, were added to the ceiling.

And the dresser no longer lives in front of the door.

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