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WARNING: Some may find the following story and video disturbing.

PAINESVILLE, Ohio (WJW) — A 4-year-old boy is now reportedly in stable condition following a water rescue Saturday morning, Painesville police reported.

The child was initially reported missing around 7:40 a.m., police said, when a call came in around 8:15 a.m. with a report of a possible body floating in a fishing pond at Painesville’s Kiwanis Recreation Park.

Upon arrival, Painesville police said they could not see anyone in the pond, but soon located some air bubbles and an outline of a person. Two officers entered the water and were able to bring the child to land.

At that time, police said the boy appeared to not be breathing and began CPR until he started to breathe again and was moved to his side to help him expel water.

After the local fire department arrived, the boy was taken to TriPont Medical Center in Concord for evaluation and medical attention.

Police reported that the child is believed to have gotten out of the home of a relative through the backyard and went directly into the park.

The Painesville Police Department continues to investigate the incident and are asking anyone who may have seen anything to call 440-392-5840.

Watch the video of the rescue below: