CLEVELAND (WJW) — Bitterly cold temps have arrived in Northeast Ohio just in time for the holidays.

Amanda McFarland, a spokesperson for Ohio Department of Transportation, says the last 48 hours have been tough for their nearly 300 snowplow drivers, who have been working around the clock to keep up with this winter storm.

“The salt that we normally use aren’t as nearly as effective in those bitterly cold temperatures, so they have had to make some adjustments to the products that they use on the road,” said McFarland. 

On Friday and Saturday, there were numerous reports of car crashes, hazardous roadways, and cancellations due to the weather conditions.

In Sandusky County, Ohio highway patrol confirmed four people died after dozens of vehicles piled up along the Ohio Turnpike on Friday.

McFarland says it is a reminder to us all not to be out on the roadways, unless you absolutely have to.

“Make the best decision for yourself. We understand it’s the holiday season and people want to be with their families and that’s why we are continuing to work around the clock, on twelve hour shifts to try to keep those roads as safe as possible,” explained McFarland. 

If you are someone who decides to drive in this weather McFarland is urging caution, especially when you see one of their snowplows on the roadway.

“Today, I’ve heard we have had four snowplows struck here in Ohio, just over the last 48-72 hours. That’s crazy. Please make sure you are giving those plows plenty of room to work,” shared McFarland. 

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McFarland says the results of dangerous driving can be deadly, so she urges you to think of your fellow driver out on the roadway. 

One bad decision could be deadly in this weather and it’s just not worth it.

“Pack your patience. You are gonna drive behind someone who wants to go slow. Honestly, it’s best for you. Just because you can go faster, doesn’t mean you should,” said McFarland.