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GREEN, Ohio — The owner of a local construction company surprised a family in need this week by offering to rebuild their driveway, which collapsed due to flash flooding.

Jason Johnson, who owns Arbor Ridge Construction, said he was so moved by Cory and Kayla Dowey’s story on FOX 8 that he just had to help.

“You know, we’ve all had problems. Everybody needs help sometimes and they just got the house six weeks ago I heard, I mean that’s a big hit,” said Johnson.

He said a group of his friends in the construction industry agreed to volunteer their time and talents for the project as well.

Kayla and Cory Dowey are calling Johnson and his team “guardian angels.”

“When I received your call about a volunteer crew, I was just was at a loss for words,” said Kayla. “It’s just amazing, it really touches our hearts and there’s no words.”

The family had set up a Go Fund Me page prior to Johnson’s call and are planning to use that money to help with the cost of materials.