***Warning: This story contains graphic photos***

CLEVELAND (WJW) – Cleveland’s Animal Protective League says they seized over 100 animals at a home on the west side on Wednesday.

The woman who owned the animals, who wanted her identity to remain private, shared her side of the situation a day after.

This woman says she has been rescuing animals of all shapes and sizes since 1994. She denies ever neglecting any of her animals.

“I have no idea where that comes from because I don’t abuse anything,” she said.

Instead, she insists many of the animals staying at her home were escaping poor treatment.

“They need someone to stand up for them and get them to a safe place,” she said.

The APL shared with FOX 8 on Thursday that 82 of the animals seized were done so voluntarily by this woman. There are also 22 other animals being held in protective custody.

The APL also sent several pictures of the conditions these animals were staying in.

Fox 8 asked this woman what explanation she received for the seizure.

“They said they were taking my dogs because a dog that was here, I asked for help, belonging to another woman. I have been begging her to put the dog down. They took her and now they are charging me for not taking the dog to the vet,” she said.

Right now, there aren’t any charges filed against this woman for neglect or abuse. The APL says that’s because it will take a while to process all of the animals involved.

This woman shared why she decided to speak.

“I’m not a bad person… I don’t abuse my animals and I just want them to come home,” she said.

The APL added that none of the animals involved are up for adoption at this time. 

This remains an active and on-going investigation.