EAST CLEVELAND, Ohio (WJW) — Jonathan Isaac was out to dinner with his family when he stepped up to rescue a woman who began choking.

He didn’t think much of it. The 25-year-old East Cleveland paramedic told FOX 8 “it’s built into your nature.”

But it earned him recognition on the firefighters union’s social media.

“Our guys save lives on duty and off duty,” reads an Oct. 6 Facebook post from the East Cleveland Firefighters union. “Outstanding job to Firefighter Isaac for acting quickly.”

Isaac said he used the Heimlich maneuver and was able to dislodge the food. It was a natural response, one he learned early in training — but it was the first time he put it to use.

He thinks that’s why people get into rescue careers in the first place — “you just react to situations differently,” he said.

“I don’t want anything bad to happen. I don’t want to see anybody’s house catch fire,” Isaac said. “But if something were to happen, I want to be the guy that’s gonna be there to help.

“I just do what I can to the best of my abilities.”