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CLEVELAND (WJW)- ‘Our number one priority is to keep the city calm and safe,’ said Cleveland’s Police Chief Calvin Williams, during a telephone interview, Tuesday.

He tells the Fox 8 I-Team that dozens are facing charges following the weekend’s violent protests but more arrests are expected.

“We are on top of it,” the chief said.

Cleveland Mayor Frank Jackson said the city imposed curfew has helped to restore calm.

“Because of the curfew and people not being able to hide we have made several arrests of people from out of state and out of town,” the mayor said.

Several businesses and restaurants suffered extensive damage this weekend. Vehicles were set on fire and arson detectives are still investigating fires that broke out during the weekend riot.

The damage followed what started out as peaceful protests that were held downtown Cleveland Saturday to speak out against the death of George Floyd in Minneapolis.

Cleveland police are working with several law enforcement agencies including the FBI to track down those responsible for causing the damage downtown Cleveland.

“It takes time obviously there were hundreds of people downtown,” said Special Agent Vicki Anderson. “We are asking for people who were at the protest that have video showing individuals that were inciting violence were committing violence to send those videos to us. “

Anderson said people can send the video by going to the FBI webpage. They do not have to give their name.

The police chief and Cleveland Police Union President Jeff Follmer say officers are committed to keeping the city safe.

“We support peaceful protests ,” Follmer said. “ Those that caused the damage , however, need to be prosecuted and they need to be sent to jail. We need to identify them and prosecute them.”

Anyone with video can upload information, photos and video to  in order to share evidence that may assist law enforcement.  Anonymous information can be provided to Crimestoppers by calling 216-25-CRIME.