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Elianna Aguilar-Aguilar (Courtesy: Washington County Sheriff’s Office)

BEAVERTON, Ore. — An Oregon sheriff’s office says it made one of the “weirdest DUI” arrests last weekend after a woman pulled up to a Taco Bell drive-thru and poured Hennessy into an employee’s mouth.

According to the Washington County Sheriff’s Office, Elianna Aguilar-Aguilar, 23, was driving through the Taco Bell line with a sheriff’s sergeant behind her around 1:20 a.m. Saturday.

The sergeant reportedly witnessed Aguilar-Aguilar reach through the open drive-thru window and pour alcohol into the employee’s mouth while still in her car.

The sergeant immediately followed her out of the parking lot and pulled her over.  Two passengers were also in the vehicle.

Aguilar-Aguilar was booked into the county jail on suspicion of driving under the influence of intoxicants.  She had a blood alcohol content of .12 percent.