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CLEVELAND, Ohio (WJW) – The Fox 8 I-Team has showed you how fake COVID-19 cards are being sold illegally online, catering to people who don’t want the vaccine, but want the card so they can claim they got the shots.

We responded to one such advertisement, asking how much the fake vaccination cards cost. We never expected to hear back, but we did.

The seller replied to us a couple hours later.

“Hello thanks for contacting us. We produce and sell the COVID for $35 if you’ll be taking from 5 cards and above plus $15 delivery fee while it’s $40 if you’ll be taking below 5 cards plus $15 delivery charges.  As of now, we have CDC and NHS cards available only. Which of this do you need?”

We replied that we did not want one and asked if they were aware it is illegal to sell the fake cards.  We then got this response. 

“We’re perfectly aware of the FBI warning, but our cards are registered with authentic “Lot Number” ND it’s practically impossible for FBI to distinguish our cards from other cards. Do you need the cards?”

We did not respond, but we did file a report with the FBI’s internet crime complaint line.

FBI Special Agent Vicki Anderson says it’s important for people who see the advertisements for the fake vaccine cards to report them as soon as possible.

 “Let’s say your complaint that you filed has a certain email or phone number, and we receive 20 others with the same email or phone number, it will then get forwarded to a field office and it would be looked at,” Anderson said. “We take these matters seriously and we will look into the complaints.”

And she stressed that local, state, and federal officials are working together to stop the sale of the fake vaccination cards.

Just last week an arrest was made for selling phony vaccination cards.  A northern California bar owner cited for allegedly selling fake vaccine cards to undercover agents with the California Department of Alcoholic Beverage Control.

 “As a result of the undercover agents investigation, between the two of them, they purchased four fraudulent vaccination cards at $20 a piece,” said John Carr, who is with the Public Information Office of the California Department of Alcoholic Beverage Control.

Law enforcement officials stress that buying one of these bogus documents also puts you at risk for becoming a crime victim.

“Most of these fraudsters are out for your identifying information so if you purchase one, they now have your financial information,” Anderson said.

If you want to report suspicious activity involving fake vaccination record cards, please contact the Internet Crime Complaint Center.