Take a ‘One Tank Trip’ to the Ohio Bird Sanctuary

One Tank Trips
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MANSFIELD (WJW)- Just over an hour away from Cleveland in Richland County, a perfect ‘One Tank Trip’ getaway, you’ll find a 90-acre preserve that is dedicated to rehabilitating Ohio’s native birds.

Gail Laux, Director, and founder of ‘The Ohio Bird Sanctuary’ told us, “We’ve got most of the species of hawks in Ohio, most of the species of owls. The raptors are what we are known for as far as the collection. We don’t keep birds at the sanctuary just to have them on the collection. They are all non-releasable.”

All of the birds at the sanctuary have some form of an injury. One of their newest additions is a hawk whose nest fell from a tree.

“His siblings were injured, he was greatly injured. Fractures in both wings, so he is not going to fly. And because he discovered gravity we’ve named him “Sir Issac Newton,” Laux said.

One of their oldest birds is Gus, a 32-year-old bald eagle who came to them a few years ago after he was hit by a car.

The Ohio Bird Sanctuary is home to several eagles and has a 250 octagon cage to help them get rehabilitated.

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