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UTICA, Ohio (WJW) — Just 90 miles south of Cleveland in the village of Utica, you’ll find Velvet Ice Cream. And once you taste it, you’ll se why people come from all over for the delicious treat.

“We actually make real full butterfat ice cream,” said brand marketing manager, Lori Beasley. “If you haven’t had it, it’s to die for.”

Velvet Ice Cream’s home is actually an old grist mill originally built in 1817. The working water wheel on the side of the mill makes the setting all the more impressive.

We have people that come from everywhere,” Beasley said. “Not just Ohio. Ohio obviously is our biggest draw because there is this little diamond in the rough in the middle of Utica Ohio. Rolling beautiful hills.  And then you pull up on this gorgeous building and say, ‘What is going on here?'”

Photo courtesy Velvet Ice Cream

More than 150,000 visit each year to enjoy the ice cream. Upon entering, you’ll find yourself in a turn of the century ice cream parlor and museum.

“We have a vast collection of ice cream, over 30 flavors,” Beasley said. “Make your own sundaes, make your own milk shakes, whatever your favorite flavor is, heaping mounds of ice cream in an ice cream cone. What makes our ice cream so creamy is we use the finest creams, and it makes it very very rich.”

And if you get hungry, the parlor also serves lunch and dinner, and yes, it’s good, too.

“From there we have an ice cream museum inside the building,” Beasley said. “It chronologically outlines the history of Velvet — tells the history of our company, manufacturing, and the general ice cream knowledge.  We have some artifacts in there as well that are really interesting to look at.”

In one area you’ll find the history of Velvet Ice Cream’s containers, including that Jane Fonda was signed on to promote the treat in the 1960s.

The spot is located on 20 acres of picturesque property. Many visitors love to sit outside on the patio while eating their ice cream and listen to live music on the weekends. There is even a playground for the young ones, not to mention a stocked pond with free fishing.

“We have families that have been coming here for 40 years,” Beasley said. “We have families that come here every evening. So it really is a gathering place of sorts, and I think that’s what ice cream does in general. It brings people together, makes people feel happy, triggers memories of tradition and Velvet is all about tradition.”

And the best part is it’s just a One Tank Trip.