TECUMSEH, Mich. (WJW)– In this week’s One Tank Trip, we visited the antique stores, restaurants and more of Tecumseh, Michigan.

The city of was name for famous Shawnee leader Tecumseh, who died during the War of 1812. So our first stop was the Tecumseh Area Historical Museum.

“One of our most important artifacts is this compass that was used to lay out the original plans of the village. This instrument is over 200 years old. It’s one of the many artifacts we have here in the museum,” said Michael Hrivnak, with the Tecumseh Area Historical Society.

(FOX 8 photo)

Chicago Boulevard is the heart of downtown. There, you’ll find the Boulevard Market, which has amazing wines, cheeses, chocolates the only licensed, fermented, dry-cured salami in Michigan.

There’s also the British Tea Garden and J-Bar Hobbies, which claims to be the largest hobby shop in the Midwest.

“So not only is a historic, it also is really eclectic. So, we have everything from women’s boutiques to antique clusters. We even have an entire building devoted to quilting and sewing and crafting. We have breweries and wineries, restaurants,” said Jessica Sattler, Tecumseh economic development director.

And best of all, it’s just a One Tank Trip.