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WINDSOR, Ohio (WJW) – Are you looking for peace and tranquility? Well, I’ve got a place in Windsor, Ohio transformed into a religious shrine. It’s Servants of Mary Center for Peace. It’s a One Tank Trip!

Nestled in the southwest corner of Ashtabula County, the mother of Jesus keeps watch over the Servants of Mary Center for Peace. That she’s here at all is something of a miracle. The Heinz family bought these 50 acres in 1987, but times grew tough.

“We had lost the farm in 1990 and on February 2, we left. February 2 1992, we were right back in it and that’s why we said we would use it for the greater glory of God,” said co-founder Patricia Heinz.

“We heard about this man named Tony Zuniga and he was a speaker, and somebody said we ought to have him here,” said co-founder Ed Heinz.

“He had an inspiration, spiritual inspiration, and he said, ‘Yeah, Our Lady of Guadalupe,’ and Pat and Ed were like, ‘okay, that’s great,’” said officer manager K.K. Gilbert.

“And I was thinking about a statue that would fit in this building,” Ed said.

“’No, no,’ he said. ‘Bigger.’ He said, ‘ten foot tall?’ ‘No bigger than that,’” Patricia said.

“And I kind of give him one of these. Time out, you know? I’m throwing the flag,” Ed said.

“He said ‘twenty feet tall?’ ‘No, bigger than that,’” Patricia said.

“He wanted it to be, ‘the largest statue of Our Lady of Guadalupe in the world,’ That was Tony’s mantra,” Ed said.

At fifty feet tall, she’s exactly that!

“There’s over 450,000 mosaic tiles on her,“ Patricia said.

In addition to the colossal statue, the property features the “Lake of Hope” surrounded by an illuminated 15-decade rosery. It, too, is the largest of its kind on earth.

“The Holy Innocent Chapel is the little gazebo that’s out there that has children up to the age of seven’s names in it who have died,” Patricia said.

“And then now we have the North Star stable, which holds 170 people,” Gilbert said.

It a great rustic spot for weddings and celebrations.

Even if you aren’t Catholic, the Servants of Mary Center for Peace lives up to its name. It’s a bucolic spot for your soul to rest from the weariness of the world.

And it’s just a One Trip Tank from Cleveland.