FRESNO, Ohio (WJW) — Aside from those who may be lactose intolerant — who doesn’t love cheese?

What started as a small cheese shop by a Swiss immigrant, has now been growing and running strong for nearly a century! Fox 8’s traveling man David Moss takes to Pearl Valley Cheese in this week’s One Tank Trip.

Nestled just south of Amish country, Pearl Valley Cheese has been manufacturing high-quality products for almost 100 years. Founded by Swiss immigrants, Ernest and Gertrude Stalder. 

Today, Pearl Valley turns out over 45 thousand pounds of cheese each day, five days a week, 12 months a year. 

Besides the quality of cheese, one thing that remains constant and important since the early days is the tradition of a sense of family. 

Nearly a dozen original family members remain in the business today. 

It’s not just the employees considered family, but the customers too, and they all share the same philosophy… eat more cheese!

Pearl Valley hosts facility tours every Wednesday morning.