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MONTVILLE TWP., Ohio (WJW) — Looking for a One Tank Trip? You’ll find one just 45 minutes east of Cleveland. It’s called Observatory Park and it’s one of the best places to view the night sky in Northeast Ohio.

It’s 1,100 acres of beautiful, interactive trails.

“Coming out away from the city gives you a chance to experience the stars like never before.  And that is what Observatory Park is there for.  It’s the park that doesn’t close — as we’re fond of joking — the one that encourages you to come back after dark,” said Chris Mentrek, naturalist.

One Tank Trip: Observatory Park

The park is in the heart of Amish country so there is very little light after dark; the sky is filled with stars you wouldn’t otherwise see.

For those wanting a closer look, several days each month the park allows visitors to look through their telescopes for a view unlike anything you’ve ever seen. “So we’ve got a variety of telescopes that we use — some are portable. We’ll set them outside, which is great.  It allows for easy spacing, and we can fit more people at an appropriate distance.  And then we have two fixed observatory buildings,” Mentrek said.

Observatory Park has a planetarium, as well. Read more about this One Tank Trip.