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JEFFERSON TOWNSHIP, Pa. (WJW)– Just south of Pittsburgh is an archeological site that some consider to be the most important in all of North America.

The Meadowcroft Rockshelter and Historic Village benefits from a unique location under a rock ledge, allowing it to remain largely untouched for scientists to study.

“It is the oldest evidence of continuous human habitation in North America. It goes back 19,000 calendar years,” said Catie Fluhirty, historical interpreter.

“The overhanging ledge provides a sheltered campsite. Anyone traveling prehistorically along Cross Creek would have seen the overhanging ledge and immediately recognized that this is a great place to camp. And they did for anywhere from overnight to a couple of weeks at a time,” David Scofield, Meadowcroft director.

There’s also a re-creation of a 16th century Monongahela village and an early 1800s village, complete with a church, operating blacksmith and schoolhouse.

Meadowcroft also has an indoor museum with early farm implements and rare historical photos.

And best of all, it’s just a One Tank Trip.