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NEW CASTLE, Pennsylvania (WJW) — Just an hour and a half east from Cleveland, in the city of New Castle, you’ll find Living Treasures Animal Park. It’s and amazing zoo that lets you actually interact with its animals.

“Most of the animals here you can hand feed unless it is a special diet,” said Carrie Ealy with Living Treasures Animal Park. “For those you can’t get to them, but most of the animals you can feed either the carrots or the grain, It gives more of an experience for people to come to our park and hand feed a lot of the animals.”

Living Treasures has more than 400 animals for you see and experience. There is everything from beautiful birds, to monkeys and even lions. The park proudly features over 70 different species of animals.

In the middle of the zoo, you’ll come to what is called the Safari Circle. There you will find bongos and zebras and well as many other really unique animals.

“This spot is called our photo booth or animal encounter center,” Ealy said. “This is where you can get your picture taken with either a baby kangaroo, a wallaby or a snake.”

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One of the park favorites is a Bactrian camel named Charlie, but be careful, he’s a little affectionate.

“He is a bottle-fed baby here at the park,” Ealy said. “The public can feed him at 11:30 a.m. and 4:30 p.m. The rest of the day you can actually feed him the carrots or the grain.”

And if you’ve ever wondered what riding a camel might be like, get ready, because at the end of Safari Circle you can do just that.

“This is our petting area where kids love to go,” Ealy said. “We have baby goats, Jacob sheep, pugs and rabbits in this area for the kids to go in. You can go in with most of them and get close and pet and love on them. We have a lot of people that come from the Cleveland area. It’s a nice little getaway for the day.”

And the best part is, it’s just a One Tank Trip.