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SALEM, Ohio (WJW) — It’s soda, not pop. And they call themselves the purveyors of fine fizz on the rocks or straight up. You’re going to love the Kast Iron Soda Works. It’s a One Tank Trip.

Lesley Kline and her husband Wil felt downtown Salem, Ohio needed a community gathering place — for people of all ages — to have fun and relax.

“We need a platform for it and Soda just seemed like a really friendly one for it,” said Lesley, owner of Kast Iron Soda Works.

Soda? Don’t you mean pop?

“We are Kast Iron Soda Works,” Lesley said. “However, we live in Northeast Ohio and it is pop, so it just doesn’t work with our name. Kast Iron Pop Works just doesn’t ring as well.”

But what does ring is the having hundreds of sodas to choose from. On our visit to Kast Iron, we met frequent-visitor Jay Goodman.

“You name it, they got it,” Goodman said. “Have you ever seen any place that had 500 and some pop? Excuse me? I call it pop. I love it. I come here, I relax. I know everybody. I walk in here. It’s like I’m Norm from ‘Cheers.’ Hey, Jay, you know, it’s where you go. Where everybody knows your name.”

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And for those feeling overwhelmed by all the choices: “We also have a board with some dice, and they can just roll, count it up and take what they get on the board,” Lesley said. “So which you’d be surprised how many people do that.”

And best of all it’s just a one tank trip away. Find out more about the spot right here.