(WJW) – If you love awesome food, beautiful architecture and a nice little walk, some beautiful exercise, you are going to love the Detroit Town Tour. It’s a One Tank Trip!

Welcome to Detroit! So much here was the first or biggest of its kind that Detroit is really a city of superlatives. To get more familiar with downtown Motown, we enlisted the help of Dildora Damisch.
She owns the Multilingual Detroit Downtown Tour.

“Oh, I speak five languages. I’m fluent in German, English, Turkish, Uzbek. And there’s Uyghur and Russian,” she said.

Dildora came to Detroit from Europe in the mid 1990’s and couldn’t understand why it was abandoned.

“I start digging in the books about Detroit. As much as I read, as much I discover the history, I fell in love and then I start doing voluntary tours for senior people from different countries,” Damisch said.

You can take Dildora’s Detroit tour and get an intimate feel for the city’s history and grandeur, but be sure to wear comfortable shoes. It’s a two-hour walk that starts at the Guardian Building, a National Historic
Landmark built to be a “Cathedral of Finance.”

It leads down to the Detroit River waterfront, with world-famous public art.

The tour continues through a revitalized and renovated downtown. You’ll see classic architecture from Detroit’s golden age mesh with modern glass and steel.

After burning all those calories, you’ll be ready to enjoy world class dining.

“A lot of young chefs moved to Detroit. Can you imagine if you finish one of the best culinary schools, if you move to New York, Chicago, San Francisco, you will be never chef. The best scenario, you will be sous chef. You can come to Detroit, you can own your own building. You became your own chef and have so many
restaurants owned by you.”

Detroit is a beautiful, fascinating place to visit and Dildora’s walking tour will give you a new appreciation not only for Detroit’s renaissance, but Cleveland’s too.

Best of all, it’s just a One Tank Trip away.