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PITTSBURGH (WJW) — It’s a place dedicated to two-wheelers, and you won’t need training wheels for this one. You can almost feel the wind in your face. It’s a store, it’s a museum; it’s Bicycle Heaven. It’s a One Tank Trip.

With gas prices soaring, we all need a little more pedal power. So, we crossed into the Keystone State and found a slice of heaven … Bicycle Heaven.

Craig Morrow’s massive museum in Pittsburgh had humble beginnings.

“My father started about thirty, forty years ago,” manager Henry Morrow said.

“He bought some old bikes and repaired them and sold them to the neighborhood kids,” recalled Bicycle Heaven’s Charles Martel.

And it grew from there, going to over 3,000 bicycles.

Any bicycle you can possibly imagine is here in Bicycle Heaven. A real treat to see are these Bowden Spacelanders.

Bicycle lovers from all over the world have been ascending to the pedaling paradise to see all these quirky and rare pieces of bicycling history.

This One Tank Trip is a treat that’s light on the wallet, too, as it’s free. But donations are encouraged. Find out more about the spot right here.