SANDUSKY, Ohio (WJW) – It’s a road trip that features small-town discovery and art! The Sandusky County Historic Barn Mural Trail is a One Tank Trip.

The trail begins in Bellevue and takes about 45 minutes if you don’t stop. But hey, stopping is half the fun!

“So, the first stop that you’re going to come to on the barn trail is at the Bellevue Hospital in Bellevue, Ohio. And that is, our, 757 mural showing the iconic steam engine that once was in Bellevue, Ohio,” DAVID THORNBURY said.

You can see the real thing at the Mad River and N-K-P Railroad Museum, less than ten minutes away.

“The next barn is our Sandusky County Bicentennial Barn. It was painted in 2019 to celebrate our 2020 bicentennial for Sandusky County,” THORNBURY said.

All of the barn murals you’ll see on the trail were painted by professional barn muralist, Scott Hagan.

“Scott has been partnering with us over the past few years. We continue to look for new barns in the area to paint, coming up with new connections to local history that we can commemorate in these beautiful designs,” THORNBURY said.

So make the drive to Sandusky County! This bold enterprise is just a One Tank Trip.