MANSFIELD, Ohio (WJW) — If you enjoy gardens, plants and blooming flowers, this magnificent estate is for you. Spring, summer or fall — it’s the Kingwood Garden Center, and it’s a one tank trip.

Open to public since 1953, Kingwood Center Gardens is a 47-acre property formerly owned by the president and chairman of the board of Ohio Brass, Charles Kelley King. Even though he died a year prior, King had set up a trust to provide funding for the now public garden.

“He always was welcoming the community in at different times,” said executive director Josh Steffen. “For social events. He loved to throw parties. He loved to have people come and experience the grounds. And I think that was the ultimate seed kernel for him in wanting to turn this into a public garden.”

It was early April when we journeyed to this Mansfield gem, the blooming was just beginning.

“Witch hazels, daffodils, glory… on and on is just going to be crescendo-ing up to mid early May,” Steffen said.

And when it’s in full bloom, these gardens are spectacular.

Along the way you’ll want to visit Kingwood Hall, Mr. King’s former home, wonderfully maintained and staged with original furniture. And as you exit the gardens, you’ll want to take in the newly-constructed Garden Gateway that includes a great café and garden shop.

And the best part, it’s a just One Tank Trip away.