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NORMAN, OK. – One Oklahoma owl got a new lease on life earlier in the week as it was rescued from the side of a highway by a police sergeant.

Sgt. Darin Morgan came across the wide-eyed bird on the side of Interstate 35 in Norman, Oklahoma. After wrapping her up in a blanket and tucking her snugly into a backpack, Sgt. Morgan let the little girl ride shotgun to WildCare Okalahoma for some medical attention (wearing a seatbelt, of course).

The staff at WildCare tells Fox 8’s sister station, Fox59, that x-rays showed that the owl had broken radius and ulna bones and may have been hit by a car. She was going to be evaluated for surgery.

The prognosis looks good, and after a few weeks of physical therapy the folks at the center are planning on releasing her back into the wild. But only after a stern warning to avoid busy interstates.