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CLEVELAND (WJW) — If it feels like there’s a festival pretty much every weekend somewhere in Ohio, you’re not wrong. According to a new study, the people of Ohio are among the most festival obsessed in the county.

The good folks at Boohoo, a United Kingdom-based clothing company, set out to see which states seek out festivals the most. Using Google Trends data, the retailer looked at a variety of search terms — including “festivals 2023,” and “festivals near me” — to determine which states they deemed most into festivals.

Ohio didn’t rank No. 1, but fell just behind Wisconsin, taking the No. 2 spot.

Of course, with festivals celebrating twins, beer, ice wine, woollybears, pickles and so much more, it’s no wonder Ohioans are looking up when the next festival is; you have to be prepared.

On the other side, North Dakota ranked the least likely to search out festival information online.

Here’s a look at the most festival loving states:

  1. Wisconsin
  2. Ohio
  3. Louisiana
  4. Illinois
  5. Kentucky AND Indiana
  6. Pennsylvania
  7. Maryland
  8. Vermont
  9. Michigan
  10. Colorado