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TOLEDO, Ohio — A little kindness can go a very long way.

A Toledo woman’s Facebook post went viral after she said she saw three teenagers do something wonderful.

Jenna Steele posted a photo and the following on her Facebook page:

“I just sat at the corner of Jackman & Alexis sobbing my eyes out. A car of 3 teenage boys pulled in to the gas station, parked their car, they all got out & one by one took their wallets out and handed this homeless man some cash. They then shook his hand and went on their way. Let’s stop giving attention to the youth that do these horrible acts and start giving attention to THESE kind of kids. Maybe we will start a new kindness trend & make kids famous for these kind of things. THIS is the kind of stuff I want to see go viral & clogging up my Facebook feed. 😭😭 feel free to share”

Since Steele posted the photo on Facebook on Feb. 25, it has been shared over 64,000 times and counting.