(WJW) — It was a “no” on Issue 1 from Ohio voters.

Voters overwhelmingly rejected the proposal to raise the threshold to amend the state constitution, which would have made it tougher to approve an abortion rights amendment in the fall.

Voter response was enormous for an August election, both early in-person and at the polls on Tuesday.

Fifty-seven percent of voters said no to Issue 1. You can see the detailed results here.

Supporters noted this isn’t just about the abortion rights issue on the ballot in November, which came about after the Legislature enacted one of the nation’s most restrictive abortion bans last year.

It is also about any future voter-driven amendments — for example, on gun control or minimum wage.

The Ohio Farm Bureau came out in support of Issue 1 because they don’t want ballot initiatives to dictate how work is done in the agriculture industry.

Opponents said this came down to the power of ordinary citizens over elected politicians.

You can see a breakdown of how Northeast Ohio counties voted below:

Counties where the majority of voters opposed Issue 1 included Cuyahoga, Summit, Lorain and Stark.

Counties where the majority of voters supported Issue 1 included Holmes, Ashland, Richland and Wayne.

The One Person One Vote Campaign celebrated with spokesperson Dennis Willard saying, “We did it. Tonight is a major victory for democracy in Ohio. The majority still rules in Ohio and the people’s power has been preserved.”

Ohio Senate President Matt Huffman, a Republican who represents counties in the northwest part of the state, said the power to amend the state constitution is important and that, “I think we will probably ask this question again.”   

Ohio Secretary of State Frank LaRose, who was a strong supporter of Issue 1, wrote in a statement, ” … this is only one battle in a long war” and “I’m just getting started in the fight to protect Ohio’s values.”