COLUMBUS, Ohio (WCMH) — An Ohio man said he decided to get a B1DNSUX vanity license plate to voice his opinion.

Joseph Haig, a father of four from Orient in Pickaway County, owns a painting business. Like many small business owners, he said he’s been hurt by increased costs during the COVID-19 pandemic, much of which has coincided with Joe Biden’s presidency.

“I got the license plate because I didn’t like the gas prices, I didn’t like that my rent had gone up, I didn’t like that the food and formula and diapers for my baby had gone up and was becoming harder to find, and I blamed the current administration,” he said.

Haig applied for the plate eight months ago.

“I did think it was funny,” Haig said. “I also didn’t think it would get approved. It was kind of like a joke to the teller that was doing the paperwork. And she said, ‘Spell it out.’ So I wrote it on a piece of paper, and she laughed, and she gave me a paper copy.

“For three weeks I didn’t think the hard copy was ever going to come — and then,” Haig said with a grin, “it came.”

Haig noted that plenty of other drivers have noticed his license plate.

“Very few negative feedbacks compared to the positive feedback,” he said. “It makes my day every time somebody gives me a thumbs up. … I’ve even had somebody get out of a car at a Wendy’s and pound on my window and tell me that he loved it.”

Haig is not the only person to have a plate that sounds off about the administration. On Monday, a viewer of NBC4 (a FOX 8 sister station) sent in pictures of a plate that says BIDN SUX seen in the Morse Road area in March.

An NBC4 viewer snapped this photo in March near Morse Road in Columbus, Ohio.

In 2021, the BMV denied 827 vanity plates, including at least 48 plates referencing Biden or making a similar comment, according to NBC4’s analysis of an internal list received via public records request. Why some Biden-themed license plates were rejected and others got through remains unclear.