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PETERSBURG, Ohio (WJW) — Thanks to an Ohio Turnpike employee’s quick reaction, a 7-year-old child was rescued from a tough situation last month.

The Gary Police Department in Indiana issued an Amber Alert on Sept. 18, offering important details about the vehicle and driver to Ohio Turnpike workers.

Jamie Corey, who was working at the Eastgate Toll Plaza in Mahoning County and had been told to ‘be on the lookout’ for the suspect, noticed a vehicle with matching license plates roll into her line that day.

From left, toll collector Jamie Corey, assistant toll plaza supervisor Diane Libby and assistant toll plaza supervisor Michael Sandberg. Photo courtesy the Ohio Turnpike.

Corey, along with her supervisors, were able to hold the suspect long enough for officers to arrive. The driver of the vehicle, who was wanted for child abuse in Maryland, was then reportedly taken in by authorities.

The Ohio State Highway Patrol Canfield Post reported the child was safely returned to his dad.

“Ms. Corey’s quick thinking undoubtedly saved the child from possible harm,” Canfield Post Sgt. M.R. Abbey said in a statement. “She acted above and beyond her normal duties and showed that she is worthy of our gratitude and deserves recognition for her tremendous efforts.”