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MANSFIELD, Ohio–  It takes a lot, if anything,  to rattle an Ohio State Highway Patrol trooper, but cameras and a little recognition for a job well done does make them a tad nervous.

Trooper Matthew Stoffer was cool and professional the day he saved a life– a very precious life back in September.

Stoffer was responding to a call of an erratic driver on US 42. When the man pulled over, he yelled for help. His one-year-old daughter wasn’t breathing.

“Just holding a lifeless baby in your hands; it’s something I never want to do again. But it just wasn’t responding to me, so I had the dad open the front door and place the child on the driver seat and just immediately began chest compressions,” the officer said. “After about 8 to 12 chest compressions, I observed a chest rise.”

After the baby begin to breathe, the ambulance came and the girl was flown to Nationwide Children’s Hospital in Columbus.

For Stoffer, saving a baby is part of the job, but he feels blessed to have been there to do so.

“I never had to do that in a real life situation. Obviously every year we are certified, but yeah, your training kicked in and that’s all I can say,” Stoffer said.

Two other troopers–  Drew Nelson and Steve Gillum– were also honored for saving a man who they found hanging in his garage.

“In stressful situations like that training really comes through. It did for me; it’s just I was able to react and fortunately be able to be where I was and do what I did,” Stoffer said

The post lost track of the family after the child left the hospital.

Trooper Stoffer hopes to see her again one day.