LEXINGTON, Ohio (WCMH) – Sister trio, Sorelle, wowed the judges in the “knockout” round of NBC’s “The Voice” with their rendition of The Jackson 5’s “Blame It On The Boogie.” The song gave the girls a chance to show off their vocals and dance moves, which paid off.

“We’ve been doing this ever since we were little. We love this song. We’ve been doing those dance moves since we were 5 or 7, like we came up with them. We would do them every single night to ‘Blame It on The Boogie’,” said Ana Heichel.

Moving from the knockout round to the playoff round and performing a song from their childhood was very special for the sisters from Lexington, Ohio in Richland County.

“When you’re a little kid, your imagination goes wild. You dream of anything and everything you can do. From being on the moon to being on a giant stage which was our dream. So, it’s very nostalgic,” said Ana.

The song also gave them a chance to increase their entertainment value, something the trio strongly values.

“You want to watch someone who truly loves what they’re doing, and you want to see them having fun because it makes you have fun just watching them,” said Madi Heichel. “So, we really try to incorporate that even though we’re nervous. We know that this could be the last time we perform on that stage so we’re going to put everything into it and we’re going to have a blast with each other while we’re up there.”

You can watch Sorelle compete in the playoffs on Monday, May 1 at 8 p.m. on NBC4.